Lunch and Learn at UVAR

Realtor Lunch and Learn is an educational event hosted by UVAR Affiliates and the Upper Valley Association of Realtors. It's typically held during lunchtime, aimed at providing real estate professionals and Affiliates with industry knowledge and networking opportunities over a light lunch. It is a marketing tool used by real estate agents and Affiliates to educate and promote their business, as well as to build relationships with potential clients, fellow real estate professionals, and the community.

The topics discussed at Realtor Lunch and Learns can vary depending on the focus and goals of the event. Some common topics include:

  • Homeowner needs before and after selling or buying their home.
  • Resources available to homeowners and Realtors
  • Real estate market trends and updates
  • Technology and tools for real estate professionals
  • Marketing and branding strategies for UVAR Members
  • Legal and regulatory issues affecting the real estate industry
  • Residential real estate finance and investment
  • Property management and leasing
  • Networking with other real estate professionals and community businesses
  • Business development and personal growth tips
  • Customer service and client relationship management.

These topics are usually aimed at helping Affiliates and Realtors improve their skills, knowledge, and professional development, as well as to keep them up-to-date with the latest industry information and trends.

Can a local business in the area attend and present at a Lunch and Learn?

Yes! Absolutely! We encourage it. One of the primary reasons for Lunch and Learn is to connect real estate professionals with businesses, creating relationships that benefit everyone. For example, a carpet cleaning company can join the association as an Affiliate and send a representative to share information about what carpet cleaning is, what types of carpet cleaning are available, and what to expect when a carpet cleaner comes to a home. They can discuss rates for preparing a recently sold home for the new residents, and many other aspects of their service. The same could be said for locksmiths, pest control, security systems and more. You can visit our UVAR Affiliates page to learn more about our affiliate program and presenting at lunch and learns as well as other opportunities to get in front of our Realtor members.

Lunch and Learn Networking

UVAR Lunch and Learn gives agents and affiliates an opportunity to eat with each other, talk about the real estate market, and receive instruction from experts in their field. It is a time of relationship building.

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